Mobile is rapidly changing the face of e-commerce, but – as many businesses have learnt the hard way - simply building a site optimised for mobile or releasing a branded app does not guarantee that the virtual tills will be ringing all day and night.

With a medium like mobile - one that offers unrivalled potential for building intimate customer relationships and opportunities to drive engagement – effective selling requires careful consideration and an approach unique to each individual business. Implementing a “me too” version of a competitor’s strategy won’t just damage your brand’s integrity, but could limit a whole load of untapped sales potential (pun intended!).

Our team is on hand to guide you through all of the options available to satisfy the needs of your mobile customers, from site and app design, to the best payment options to ensure that the customer experience - from browsing to buying - is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The commerce space seems to generate more questions than answers as it moves towards market maturity. 

  • Which payment method(s) will come good?
  • Which brands will emerge and dominate in which markets with which segments?  
  • Will retailers themselves become brands of choice? 
  • Will Financial Services brands lose out?
  • Could new payment brands or handset manufacturers disintermediate financial services brands? Or will the social media giants dominate?
  • How will consent, opt-in and the whole question of big data marketing ultimately drive or restrict customer adoption?
  • Is the war on cash and cards a distraction?  
  • Will one company succeed in fixing the fragmented ecosystem across payments, loyalty and point of sale interaction?

It is important to be aware of the ever changing payments and ecommerce landscape but without holding off for all the answers.  The value chain remains long and complicated but your customers still just want to buy that pair of shoes.

We will help you to succeed by focussing on what you do know and what you need to do to ensure that your “strategy” is flexible and responsive to your consumer’s needs.  

Every business has different requirements.   Contact us us now to find out how we can help.